Saturday, July 16, 2011

Face The Day

Bonnie and I have a thing for faces.  

When we are cross stitching a design that has a person in it, we like to stitch the face before anything else.  That way we have someone to look at while working on the rest of the picture.  When I see a figurine of something, say a fairy or an angel I'd like to put out in my garden, I have to look at face of each and every one on the shelf.  It just seems like each one has it's own personality- each one is just a little bit different than the next.

So, it probably won't surprise you (or maybe it will!) that I see faces in lots of everyday, ordinary things in different places that I go... patterns on tiles, on wood floors, on  rocks etc... 

Three years ago for our anniversary, my hubby Paul gave me an outdoor clock to put out on our deck.  We found the perfect spot to hang it, but since it won't withstand our cold winters outside, we bring it in every year in the fall.  (Now mind you we have hung it in the same spot every year since we got it and we have taken it inside every year.)  Once we know the warm weather has finally arrived to stay, we anxiously unwrap the clock to bring it outside once again.  Funny how it wasn't until this year that I noticed for the first time the face in the exact spot where the clock hangs.

By looking at it you'd almost think that we purposely chose that spot to put the screw to make it look like a nose... not true!  What a coincidence!

Bonnie and I have a thing for food too!  :^)  So the day that my hubby and I ordered pizza from our favourite pizza place (which just so happens to be managed by our son Mitchell) I took my first piece and before having a bite I saw this face-

Does Mitchell know about my love of faces and decided to arrange the ingredients to resemble one?  I don't think so... purely another coincidence.

I've even got Paul looking for faces now where ever he goes.  While hiking out in BC after our daughter's wedding, he took this picture for me-

(OK, now I have to admit I really had to squint to find the face on this tree, but hey- I love him for trying!)

So now I will be going everywhere with my camera close at hand to capture more of these faces to add to my collection.  I bet now you might even be on the look-out for some too!



Bonnie said...

Let's face it... they're all going to be seeing faces now.... :-)

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

ha ha ha I was going to say Face it too.
funny thing about faces, they tell alot about the subject behind them and they are sometimes not what they appear to be.
(I do the same thing when I am stitching a figure too) you know, someone to keep an eye on you.
be always in stitches.

Cath said...

I always have to inspect the faces of any toys that I'm buying , to get one with a nice face ,even if they're all supposed to be the same , lol.

Melissa said...

That is an awesome face! I half expect it to open one eye and wink at me!

Pumpkin said...

What a fun post! LOL!

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