Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Solstice and a Wedding

I can hardly believe that it's been 2 weeks since our daughter's wedding day and that it has taken me this long to get around to posting about it.  (I'll warn everyone right now... this post is full of pictures!)

If you recall from a previous post,  Chantelle and her now husband Martin chose June 21st, 2011 as their wedding day... a.k.a. the Summer Solstice.  The joyous occasion took place in British Columbia, and unfortunately the rain had been coming down every day for a while... from the time they arrived the week before until the day before their nuptials.  With the wedding being an outdoor ceremony, we were all thrilled when we woke to sunshine and increasingly warmer temperatures on the 21st.

Chantelle had decided that she wanted us to put together her bouquet for the special day and was hoping to use as many wildflowers as possible.  To our amazement, it just so happened that lupines were growing wild everywhere there this time of year!  There were so many beautiful shades of purples and pinks... the perfect colours to compliment her dress. 

Throw in some fragrant wild roses, some ferns, and an iris that was just beginning to unfurl and we had all we needed.  To complete the look, we added a hankie with the initial "C" on it that once belonged to my Nana, and we attached it to the bouquet with an Eiffel Tower pin to represent where the happy couple got engaged.

Five o'clock was quickly approaching, so after my Mom and I finished getting ready it was time to help the bride with her dress.  It was the first time that either my Mom or I had laced up a corset.  Perhaps we should have had a trial run first... or a bedpost for Chantelle to hold onto  :^) ...

Some shots of the beautiful bride before heading out to meet her groom.

When I saw Chantelle's dress for the first time, something seemed so familiar about it.  (She had only described it to me beforehand; the wedding day was the first time I had seen it.) 

 Then it hit me... it reminded me of this cross stitch pattern by Nora Corbett!


3 Generations
Let's check in with Martin; who along with my husband Paul and our son Mitchell were waiting for the big event to begin.

Here comes the bride... to meet up with her Dad so they can walk to the ceremony together.

Chantelle and Martin wrote their own vows to each other.  I think the look on Martin's face here is just priceless- so in LOVE!

Chantelle went first...
Now Martin's turn
The Kiss

Introducing the New "Mr. & Mrs."

Don't you just love the cool Topsy Turvey wedding cake? A special thanks to Martin's Auntie Cindy for making this original creation.  A combo of carrot and double chocolate chip... YUMMY!!!

 What a perfect day!  We wish Chantelle and Martin many wonderful years together and hope that they will always be as happy as they were on this day.  We love you both so very much!!



Catherine said...

Congrats to the newlyweds!! They both look so happy! I love her dress - how fun and unique! And yes, it does look like that cross-stitch piece!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

wow she looks like mom... What a beautiful bride and handsome groom. Congrats to all. I just love her dress, sooooo pretty.
Be always in stitches.

Kerry said...

Wow I love the photos! Thank you so much for sharing. Lupines I love them but they do not love me I plant some every year they never come back for me. They seem to grow every where else!

Pumpkin said...

How exciting!!!! OMG, I just LOVE her dress and YES, it does look like the one by Nora :o)

The cake is just darling. I love how the whole thing was unique. I wish your daughter and new SIL all the best with many years of happiness :o)

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