Sunday, November 6, 2011

Accessorize and Organize

Accessories: Can't live without them! 

Do you love shopping for  purses, scarves and necklaces as much as I do? You don't have to take your clothes off to try on a scarf and you don't get 'static hair' when you try out a purse.  Finding that 'oh-so-right' necklace that matches your favourite outfit brings such a feeling of accomplishment!  The reason I love these accessories so much is because they always FIT!!

Pear-shaped women, such as myself, would rather stick needles in their eyes than shop for pants.  For me - Nothing can spoil a mood faster than trying on pants.  I'm either in tears or ready to go postal on someone.  (Now for anyone asking themselves..."I wonder if she is eating chips as she's writing this", the answer is NO. ....I already finished them...and I'm onto the chocolate now.)  

Just teasing. 

Everyone knows you eat the chocolate with the chips!

Let's get back to the necklaces and scarves.  Besides the fact that they are wonderful accessories, they are especially helpful to the pear-shaped woman.  Why?  Because it draws the onlookers eyes UP and away from the hip area.  Needless to say, I have many scarves and necklaces.  The problem is... How to Organize them ALL.  

Once - on one of my trips to IKEA, I discovered a scarf holder that has 7 rows of circles to hold the scarves. Perfect for those types of scarves that don't matter if they wrinkle.  However, most of mine look better without the wrinkles (just like my face)  so I opted to look for something else. Recently, I found some  velvet covered hangers at the dollar store that have multiple rungs - these work out perfect for my freshly pressed scarves and Pashminas (confession:  I DO love to iron.)  Added advantage -  they don't slide off the hanger.  Today... while purging my closet and unable to part with my many scarves - I discovered that I DO need the IKEA scarf holder after all.  Good thing I'm making a trip to IKEA this weekend !!  Start the car... start the car !!!!
As for my necklaces, they were either tossed into and tangled up in a basket; OR hung up with -  and tangled amongst the car keys on the key holder. But, alas, I finally found something to organize my necklaces to keep them from tangling.  I noticed at my friend Joanne's house that she had a necklace or two dangling from a wall hanging that was hanging above her vanity.  So I searched for something 'just right' to hang on the wall and keep the necklaces separate from one another.  Voila.

I love it.  It's on the wall at the top of the stairs just outside my bedroom.  Handy for me as I'm walking out of my room to start my day, and yet decorative enough to catch your eye.  My niece came for a visit one day this summer and it caught her eye immediately, and as she was walking by she decided to accessorize herself. She loved this idea and said she was going to do the same thing at home. 

Happy shopping ladies. 


Chantelle said...

Love this post Bonnie! I too am a great lover of scarves and necklaces. I did not know about this scarf organizer from Ikea, but I like it. We have a decorative ladder that I put a lot of mine on - the rest are rolled up in a drawer. The only thing that bothers me about the drawer is that I can't see them and I sometimes forget about the great selection I have. Creases or wrinkles? No problem - I absolutely HATE ironing and would never dream of ironing a scarf, lol!
Love the necklace idea. I bought one of those mini mannequin in a dress things (I don't know how else to explain it, haha - do you know what I mean?) that are meant just for necklaces; however it's all filled up so I'm going to steal your idea next! :)

Currently I'm trying to find a solution for all of my big rings - anoather favourite accessory of mine!

Syd said...

Thanks for sharing your organizing ideas. I'm going to have to find one of those hangers for scarves. I too am hooked on accessories and hate buying pants.

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