Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween is Done for Another Year...

... but my Halloween stitching is not!  Looks like I will have a couple of new pieces to display for the holiday next year, since I didn't get them finished last month.

I bought this pattern last year when I fell in love with it at first sight!  As you can see, it has all the elements of that perfect Halloween picture... along with a witch stitching too... what fun!!

"Witches Stitch Too!!" by Homespun Elegance

I found this frame on one of my recent visits to Goodwill and I think it will be just the right fit for this piece when it's done.  Might have to change the colour of it though... what do you think?  Surely couldn't leave it there for $3.99! (actually it only cost me $2.00... 50% off and no tax!!)

My sweet hubby saw it and thought I bought it because I wanted the whole picture.  When I explained to him how much I can save by framing some things myself, he now understands and will probably be on the lookout for used frames in his travels!  :^)

So with Halloween over and everything packed away, my fireplace mantel looked pretty sad.  Yesterday I moved some of my autumn decor around and added a few new items too; the metal pumpkin I bought for $12.00 on the day of my shopping adventure with Bonnie, the cute little wooden HOME plaque which was a birthday gift from Jody,  and the darling owl garland I just bought on clearance at the grocery store for $2.97!!

There now- I'm content to relax a bit and leave things the way they are until it's time to decorate for that BIG holiday in December...



Bonnie said...

Gorgeous Tracey! Love the owls. The pumpkin looks great; so glad it was on sale. It all ties in so nicely together.

Catherine said...

What a cute stitch! I think the frame will look great too!
Love your autumn mantle - seems like so many go from Halloween straight to Christmas.

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