Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Death of an ORT Jar

I originally intended this post being just about a new "scissor holder" I found at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago.  I'm sure this isn't what this item was originally used for...guesses anyone??

 I have two other typical clear glass flower frogs, but some of my scissors were too wide to fit in them properly.  When I saw this sitting on the shelf in the store, I thought it might just do the trick for those scissors plus at this price I couldn't pass it by! 

 I decided to take a picture of all 3 frogs just for the fun of it...

Bad idea... CRASH!!!!! - as I was moving my ORT jar back to it's original location I bumped it and down to the floor it fell breaking into pieces!!!

Looks like I will be searching for a new ORT jar the next time I go shopping  :^(  Good thing I have a bit of time before the next new moon when it's time to post for the TUSAL again.

Speaking of the moon, isn't it a full moon in the next couple of days?  Maybe I'll use that as the excuse for breaking the ORT jar (instead of my usual clumsiness)...


1 comment:

Catherine said...

Love the new frog! Oops on the Ort jar! Yep...full moon sounds like a good reason!

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