Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cuba - Part 7

It's only a short ride into town to check out the local vendors.  Each day it's a different group so if you see something you like, you get it that day because it's not going to be there the next.  It really wasn't what I expected to see for a town.  I expected a lot of poverty, but this was a pleasant surprise when we came upon what I would call a villa and what some of them call the city.

We always made sure to sit on top of the double-decker bus so we always had the best view. A few people were shocked when they saw us go to the back of the bus and we couldn't figure out why until we were going at full speed.  It was mighty windy back there. I'm nooooot even going to post those pictures.

Ya, gotta love that view !!!
I admit I was surprised to see a 'round-about' on our trip.
When you caught the bus into town, you got on knowing that you would be stopping along the way to pick up other guests from the neighbouring resorts who also wanted to venture in to town.  As we approached each resort and pulled up to its lobby, we had the added bonus of checking out all the other resorts.  While sitting there waiting... I looked up to see the light in the lobby driveway entrance and I could actually touch it.  One lady had to quickly be told to sit down because she didn't even see the light she was about to be hit by.

The pond just outside the neighbouring resort.
As we drove by another resort, I noticed all these brown enclosures on the side of every single complex. It wasn't until we got closer and then I could tell what it was.

Outdoor showers.  Neat !!
As we are approaching the town.
Very colourful streets.  We never went to town at night,
but we heard there was a disco there.  We should have gone...
Straight ahead, you can see the vendors tables.
This was taken inside the cigar shop. 
Cigar boxes mounted on the ceiling with their lids dangling.
Holly and I decided to take the trek up to the top of this building.
Holly laughed at me because I'm afraid of heights and even though it was very safe, I was very nervous. She had to take the camera away from me because I couldn't hold on with both hands and take pictures at the same time.
The view from the top, overlooking the vendor areas.

The view just to the other side - more resorts being built.
Pan over to the other side, and more resorts that are almost competed.

Headin' home in a few days.... 

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