Friday, March 2, 2012

Cuba - Part 6

Oh my goodness, are you tired of my pictures yet?  There are just so many to share, I want you to feel as though you are there. 

Each morning when we walked to the main lobby for breakfast, we came upon the gardeners. They were always quick to smile as they greeted you, they would rush to pick a flower for your hair, and on occasion - you were presented with a little keepsake they made out of palm leaves. 

Yes... that's a machete tucked under his arm.
Can you tell what he made?
It's a grasshopper.  How cute is that?
This was one of the items that Holly managed to tuck away into her Bubba so we could bring it home safely.
This was a hummingbird and the piece coming out of the top is actually a very long stem so when you hold the end of it in your hand it bends over and it appears as though the hummingbird is hovering over the flower.

Again with the machete. 
Rule #1 - Don't piss off the Gardeners.
One day I was sitting by the pool admiring all the vegetation and I decided to go for a walk with my camera.  There were some flowers that are well known annuals here and some hadn't seen before. As I walked along,  I was just amazed at the fullness of the greenery and the many many textures of plants that made some  just 'pop' out at you. 

I know Tracey will love this one as she is a fan
of many textures throughout a garden.
This is what you would see lying by the pool. 
Blue sky, palm trees and gorgeous flowers all around.

These plants caught my eye the very first day.
When I first saw them, they reminded me of a
peacock fanning its tail feathers.

This actually reminds me of a scary jungle. Very dense.
I'd love one of these in my front yard.
Wait... I don't have a front yard.
ok, back yard, by the pool.
Wait, I don't have a pool.

This flower was huge, as you can see by comparison to my hand.
It must be from the hibiscus family.

Walking along... oh... do you see it?
Man, these little jiggers move fast.
And walking to dinner one night past the gardens to the restaurant, I heard a squeal just ahead.  The girls happened upon this slimy little creature.  The only reason they saw it and didn't step on it was because the slime-trail was glowing in the moonlight.

Don't kid yourself, the snails in Cuba are NOT slow.
Well... tomorrow it's a trip in to town to do a bit of shopping. 
See ya there.

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Nancy said...

Just loving the pics of your trip and your commentary. Please continue to bring it on!!!

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