Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dear Diary - Day 2,3 & 4: Bathroom Reno's

Side note: Just so there is no confusion... these bathroom renovations were done about 2 years ago.  And because I am posting days 2, 3 and 4 together -  I thought I should clarify that since this weekend was Day Light Savings Time - you really did only lose one hour, not three days.  I had kept a journal of the renovations and thought it would be something interesting to post now.

Dear Diary - Day 2
Cat still very unhappy with the changes we have inconvenienced her with.  Most of her unhappiness is caused by the fact that she cannot actually drink from the tub taps since the tub is unhooked from the water supply, but she just hasn't figured that part out yet. Her obsession with getting through the plastic turns out to have been a mouse - ….better than a bat !!!   Ryan found it when he put his bare hand under the floor board to check things out and his hand grabbed something squishy and furry instead - grooooosssss. 
Paige could not find the cat last night and discovered that it was wondering between the floor boards and the kitchen ceiling tiles.  Now I have mice, bats and a CAT between my walls and floor boards. It appears we are  now going to have to keep her locked up  somewhere constantly. 
Does anyone know of a cat whisperer;  we may need one….These day logs could turn out to be very entertaining.  I should take a before and after picture of the cat - I wonder how much fur she will lose over this??

Ryan slipped off the floor joist and put his foot through the kitchen ceiling. .  He's ok - but he feels bad. He was worried about my reaction, but when I laughed - there was much relief in his face. He was able to fix it temporarily and later he's going to replace the entire ceiling with drywall for me.   Hey... accidents happen and at least the damage is only a few tiles and not HIM!
Dear Diary - Day 3
Cat is settling in a bit better, although Ryan listens to her meow all day long when she is locked in the back room.  He says she is clearly unhappy.  
Here is Ryan working along side one of the many notes (instructions/wishes...what have you...)  I leave him every day. He thinks they are to-do lists, I tell him to think of them as love notes - it will make the day more pleasant. 
Below is a picture of the ugly red striped velvet wall paper that was discovered when Ryan removed the wall between the bedroom and bathroom.  Phewww.  Glad that is getting covered up!  I did have a brain-wave though (I get them occasionally) while this process was going on, so I added it to my 'love notes' - I asked Ryan to heavily insulate the walls between the shower and the bedroom.  Now when I'm sleeping and someone is in the shower - I cannot hear them.  Niiiice.

Dear  Diary - Day 4 
Ok... it's Movie Night and I don't feel well.  All I want to do is lay in bed to watch a movie., but how are we going manage this??? 

Paige and I ended up snuggled in the bed and Holly didn't want to crowd in - so she came up with a comfortable alternative.
Cat can't figure out why Holly is in the tub with no water.  
She's still not sure about all this.
Still licking her lips - hoping the taps will work again.
What a mess renovating the most used room of the house!  The cat and I can't wait until it's finished.

Stay tuned....

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