Sunday, March 20, 2011

Swimming Pools...

... Movie Stars. Loved those Beverly Hillbillies! :^)

Well there isn't going to be a swimming pool, and there probably won't be any movie stars either, but in just 3 months (hard to believe!) at my daughter's wedding there will be a basket full of these dishcloths to hand out to their guests. (Swimming Pool just happens to be the name of the yarn I am using. What a fun job that would be... coming up with names for yarn, or floss, or paint...)

Since the wedding is going to be quite a casual affair, I thought the dishcloth thing would be a fun idea and Chantelle agreed. Now the main wedding colours are turquoise, purple and black, so this was the closest I could find to turquoise (had a hard time getting a picture of the "true" colour though). Tie them up with a black ribbon and we're all set to go!

Now hopefully it will be that easy picking out my dress...



Chantelle said...

Happy first day of spring! :)
The dishcloths look lovely. I can't believe the wedding is only three months from tomorrow! AHH!

staci said...

Cute dishcloths! Love the color and the pattern!