Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dear Diary - Day 5,6,7 & 8 Bathroom Reno's

Dear Diary - Day 5 
Cat slightly unimpressed.  Still.  

Get over it Sushi, Life's too short. Put on your big girl pants and deal with it.
Pipes !!!!!    I have pipes!   Looks a little better than the first time don't you think? 

Progress:  Many hours of sawing through the cast iron pipes and I now have modern day plumbing.  The reason the shower leaked: 

  1. the shower plumbing was installed level to the floor - duh, even I know that's not right.
  2. the shower plumbing was hooked up to drain by way of the sink.  No wonder there were so many problems.
  3. the frame to hold the shower base was a 3ft x 3ft / 2x4 frame with little or no support in the middle.  So when you stood in the shower, what was actually holding your weight was the drain itself and as the floor had rusted around the drain pipe, the weight was pushing down enough to allow the water to flow beneath the shower as opposed to out the drain.

Dear Diary - Day 6 
I Painted the tub - Bittersweet Chocolate.  A slight improvement don't you think?  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT !

Don't worry about the green pipes - they aren't staying. The pillows are staying though;  the tub is still occasionally used as a lounge area.  Had to move the toilet out from between the bed and the tub. I was getting a little too cranky trying to get my rear end past them every night to get to bed. 

Yesterday, Ryan was kind enough to put plastic back up to keep the drywall dust out of my bedroom.   The cat was kind enough to paw at it all night!  AGAIN! 

Floor !!!!   I have a floor!    Oh sweet progress.  Now that the floor openings are gone, the cat has a little more freedom once Ryan is finished for the day.  However - nighttime is another story as long as the plastic remains up.

Dear Diary - Day8
I was delighted to come home to see the tile on the floor today.  Things are whipping into shape now!   However.....

I almost fainted when I came home and saw the closet. Half a closet??  It was supposed to be a FULL closet.  When we started out the closet was at the top.  Now it's at the bottom.  Ryan must have read my love note upside down!!  

Oh God !!!

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Kerry said...

Hi there, it sounds like you are having a heck of a good time! I love the colour on your bathtub! Can't wait to see everything finished.

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