Sunday, March 20, 2011

Libby's First Visit

My daughter Niki surprised her husband Shawn with a puppy for his birthday. Shawn has wanted a dog his entire life, and Niki couldn't think of a better gift.  He was so excited!!!  This weekend they came home for a visit and brought Libby for everyone to meet. 

As I'm calling Libby from the front porch when she arrives,
it's almost as if she is saying, "How does this strange lady know my name?"
Checkin' out the stair steps!

"UGH! A puppy.
Apparently it has trouble with stairs.
I'll keep watch from up here.

Libby has one blue eye and one dark brown eye. It's interesting when you look at her from one side to the other, it's almost as if you are looking at two different personalities.
Libby loves to cuddle Gramma Bonnie.
Shawn's happy !!
We aren't sure what Libby is laughing about here,
but she sure is having a good time.
Libby meets Great-Gramma.
Libby meets Maddison.
Libby is exhausted from spending the
weekend meeting relatives and friends.

It's a good thing Shawn got this sign with his birthday gift.
He's got one ferocious dog on his hands.

Exhausted from a great weekend!
We love little Libby.


Catherine said...

What an adorable puppy!! My husband once had a dog with one brown and one blue eye. When she was mad, she would stare at you with the icy blue eye and when she wanted something, she would give you the sad brown eye!

Jules said...

Libby is just too darn cute!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

What a darling little puppy. It is amazing what a puppy can bring to a family. Thank's for sharing the photo's.
Be always in stitches.

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