Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Love Love Love my Vintage Easter

Followers know how much I love the 'Vintage' look.  When Tracey was over the other day, she was admiring my displays and she said, "You just HAVE to get this stuff on the blog."  So... here you go Tracey.  Let's start then shall we with two of my favourite gifts that Tracey has given me.  This adorable egg-shaped piece blends in perfectly with the colours of my living room and the bunny looks like he's keeping a close eye on you at all times.  He's generally watching me eat all the Cadbury mini-eggs;  another one of my favourites. 

I've had this adorable carriage for many years.  When Tracey saw it, she just knew I would  fall in love with it.  It was the perfect  gift because I needed someplace safe to house my delicate Easter eggs.  These eggs are over 25 years old.  When Niki was very small we decided to decorate eggs one day and I had discovered these plastic sleeves that you slip over eggs, dip them in hot water and then the plastic molds around the egg.  To me, they were just too pretty to put on a hard boiled egg only to be cracked open and thrown away;  I wanted mine as a keepsake.  So I did the old fashioned thing, poked a hole in each end of an egg and blew the egg out.  Anyone who recalls doing this as a child will remember that you don't really know what will happen first. 

A) squeeze too hard and burst the egg
B) blow your brains out before you blow the egg out
C) faint 

By today's' standards - most people would faint at the thought of salmonella from wrapping your lips around a raw egg.  Hey... I'm still alive!

I like the idea that these eggs are in a carriage.  It reminds me of the birth of spring. However, this birth is long overdue and I think we are going to have to induce soon.  If not, we may have to resort  to using a scalpel.   Someone call a doctor!! 

These Vintage style tins have also been around for several years. and when I bought them they came with matching cards inside. 

If memory serves me correctly, I think I bought this adorable mother bunny at Mary Maxim's in the US.  Lesson learned from Tracey...whenever she gives or receives a gift she marks on it where and when it was bought and by whom.  Clever girl. 

Recycle & reuse !!   Also around for many years, I made  proper use of the babies building blocks.  Some would call me a pack-rat; I like to think of myself as frugal,  inventive and creative.  (p.s.  I have 'St. Nicholas' blocks painted in reds too to display at Christmas with my Father Christmas collection) 

And last but not least, my newest favourite.  I got this at Home Sense two years ago and I just loved it.  I'm a sucker for tin signs too, just in case I haven't  mentioned that yet.   As I was trying to take this photo this morning the flash kept reflecting off the tin, so I had to close my outside door and step out onto the porch to take the photo in the day light.  As a side note, don't step out onto a cold wet porch at 6:30am in sock feet.



jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...


love the vintage Easter idea and those eggs in the carriage, who does that? But it works and looks stunning. You go girls Hoppy Bunnie Weekend

Rain said...

Love your vintage Easter eggs-creativity is awesome!! Great ideas you have!!~~Rain

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