Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pansy Potting Party

Three weeks ago, my girlfriend Diane and I went to a Pansy Potting Party at a local greenhouse called Westland Greenhouses. When I mention it to people their first reaction  is, "What the heck is a Pansy Potting Party?"

Well it goes like this... The cost of the PPP included two trays of pansies and all the dirt and fertilizer you needed.  All you had to take was your containers.  Following the planting party, they served flavoured teas and cookies and hey hid chocolate eggs throughout the greenhouse.  For each egg that you found you got a coupon to spend in their store.

Well, I decided to hit the second hand shops for some unique containers to pot my pansies at the Pansy Potting Party and I came across some teacups and I knew immediately what I was going to do with them.  Since I was hosting cross stitch two nights later, I decided to give Anita, Jody and Tracey a taste of spring in this lovely little teacup.

I filled a few other containers as well, but the one below is my favourite.  I just thought it was so unique.  I guess I didn't realize just  how many pansies were in two trays and I didn't quite have enough containers, so I just brought the rest of the pansies home to plant in my gardens. There was still some snow on the ground at that time, so I just put all the pansies in and around my cast iron urns on the front steps and it is such a refreshing view when you approach the house now. 

One of the other reactions we got when we said we were going to a Pansy Planting Party was, "Two pansies going to plant pansies."  (He's now buried along side the left over pansies in Diane's garden - but don't tell anyone...)


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Tammy said...

what a cool idea!!

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