Sunday, May 29, 2011

Brentwood Retreat

Another year has come and gone for our Brentwood Retreat and what a great time it was.  Tons of laughs, tons of food, tons of fun and best of all tons of stitching. 

For the past two years the Stitching Sisters from the Brantford area meet up with the Four from Forest to spend time doing what we love most, stitching, knitting, crocheting, and laughing.  This year a few traveled all the way from Ottawa and Sault St. Marie to join in our antics. Some are known to sip a few 'specialty' beverages and sit with a bottle of Tylenol beside them the next day, and some are known to 'entertain' everyone with silly bedtime stories.  It has been rumoured that the video may show up on someone's blog one of these days. 
Just a few of the many stitchers which invaded the resort.
Cheers Jayne!

Last year a few creative stitchers designed and created this lovely keepsake needlecard of our stay at Brentwood.  I love this piece and I use it every single time I cross stitch. 

Brentwood's signature colours are aqua, teal, and white and this needlecard was stitched in the same cheerful colours as a keepsake for everyone.
Upon opening the card you find a piece of flannel sewn inside
to house your needles safely.
So this year we, the Four from Forest (Anita, Bonnie, Jody and Tracey), wanted to do something as well for these lovely ladies.  We found yarn in the aqua, teal, white and sandy beach colours and we thought this very appropriate colours to crochet some dishcloths as a keepsake from us.  Tracey and Anita are the expert 'dishclothers'.  Bonnie and Jody struggled with the hook - so they were assigned with the task of figuring out how to 'present' the gifts to everyone. 

This adorable cross stitch look stamp was so appropriate for our gift tag.

A memorable poem was written by Bonnie on behalf of the Four from Forest.
So when we arrived this year, we were greeted by a beautiful little trinket sitting on our beds.  I don't know how many people were in on this surprise, but a HUGE thank you to ALL who created these gorgeous Flat-Folds. 

As a group we always sign Anita, Bonnie, Jody and Tracey.  This photo would be particularly pretty without the bag of chips adorning the background. 
As a side note and to be fair to the chips - they WERE delicious.
Brentwood Retreat - Group Photo 2011 

Thanks again ladies for such a lovely vacation. 
Many laughs, Many memories. 
Tracey, Bonnie, Jody, Anita
With lots of love from the Four from Forest.


staci said...

Wonderful pictures...looks and sounds like you had a fantastic time!

Lovely gifts that you exchanged too :)

Trina said...

It is always so great to hang with you great ladies!!! I look forward to many more retreats together hanging out and stitching!!

Happy Stitching!!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...
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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

mwe aan,
oh fhat wun
it is ro tun
with a dilly syslexic
nucking fun

nou yever wnow khat to fxpect erom
the gour firls from Forrest

fanks tor mhe temories
goy yuys tre ath bucking fest of bhe test

Kerry said...

To The 4 from Forest,
What a great post on your blog. Trish is an amazing lady. She is the one that taught me how to cross stitch. Shortly after I moved to Brantford we met and she discovered that I did needlepoint. She asked me if I had ever cross stitched.... one day later she started to teach me. The rest is history. I never looked back. The wool is long gone and I proudly have every colour of DMC and much much more. She has been a great friend and a wonderful lady!
Thank you to Tracey and Anita for the lovely dish cloths. The colours of The Brentwood are so pretty. We have all picked up on that and the results have been quite nice if I say so myself.
Bonnie you are quite the entertainer. I have not laughed that much in a long time. The tarts and the cookies were so yummy. Thank you Bonnie and Jody you are pretty darn good in the baking department.
Hope the next year flys by we are all so looking forward to our next retreat!
Thanks for the memories

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