Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finally In The Mood

To frame a couple of finishes!
You may remember this finish from April 6th.  I bought this frame a few weeks back, but it was black... the only one I could find that was ready made in a 5"X5" size.  So first of all, I had to wait for a nice day weather-wise to get out my trusty spray paint and head outside.  Then, all of those little pink buttons had to be sewn on.

Now, I have to admit, framing is not my favourite thing to do, so when the mood strikes I dig right in!  So I thought I may as well get my snowman in his frame too; since I had all my supplies sitting out anyway.

I had Neale from the Thread & Eye make me this distressed, painted frame to tie in with the vintage look of the piece.  I'm really happy how it turned out!  He'll now be packed away (the snowman, not Neale!) until that nasty weather returns... many, many months from now!!



Bonnie said...

Excellent choice of buttons :-)

p.s. I'm glad you aren't packing Neale away. LOL - that was cute.

staci said...

Oh, don't they look fabulous!!! Great job framing and great choice with the frames!

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