Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sushi loves to Help!

Don't you wish your family members were as happy to help with the laundry as Sushi is?  What an adorable smile on her face, so happy to help me fold the towels.

Wait a minute!  Is she happy to help, or is she smirking at me?  I truly believed she was happy to help, but now as I study that look on her face I begin to wonder. 

After all, she really wasn't much help now that I think about it.  True, she was by my side the entire day as I flit from room to room doing housework, always at my feet and constantly 'talking' to me as only a cat can.  The occasional time when she gets too close and I step on her,  she reminds me how loud she can scream.  Then we bond by reminding  each other how good we both are at throwing dirty looks.  I can hear the conversation now: 

Sushi, I love that you like to help out and that you like to be near me at all times,  but for goodness sakes can you please pay attention? 
Pay attention, that's all I want is some attention.  You leave me alone in this house every day and go off to God knows where, while I have to listen to that screeching bird stuck in that cage all day long. -- By the way, that needs cleaning too.  And speaking of birds, I mean really ?? What's with putting the bird feeder right outside the window I sit in every day?? 
Jeepers, I work all week long to be able to buy you clean litter and run around to the vets to get your 'special' food, and your hairball tonic - it would be nice if I could get this work done without you under foot so I can sit down for awhile. 
I wish you would sit down, I'm tired of sitting in the hard window sill all day waiting for you to come home; and when you do, you sit in front of that alphabet tray that makes noise and mumble stuff about working on your blog and how hard it is to type while I'm on your lap. It's not easy to concentrate on kneading your belly and thighs when you distract me about getting in the way and you can't reach your MOUSE.  Let's make things clear, never say the word mouse when I'm trying to settle in.
For heaven sakes, I'm trying to fold the towels!! 
Duh! Why do you think I followed you from that noisy heat contraption in the first place; I'm not stupid, I know a good heat source when I see one. By the way, seriously, do those bouncing balls in the dryer really help?  It's quite annoying when I'm trying to sleep.
Suuuuushi - I just folded that, get off... if you are going to be on the table then HELP. In fact, go get in the window and look at the birds.
Could you hurry up and lay the last one on top of me, it's been raining all week and I've had no sun to curl up in. Enough with the window already; remember, I'm in it ALL day.

Would you mind adjusting that top towel just a little more to my left so I can curl my leg under just a little more...
awwww, that'll do... now can you go turn off that dryer so I can get some sleep.


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