Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cuba - Part 5 - UFO's

Unrecognizable Food Objects

When we first ventured into the restaurant of this all inclusive resort, we were amazed at the rows and rows of food and we just weren't sure where to start first.  So we did a walk about to see just what was on the menu for that day.  Each presentation of food had an international sign depicting the name of the dish in about 6 different country's languages and symbolized by their flag.   In one area, there was a grill where you chose the meat you wanted and they cooked it right there in front of you, and they would also make stir fried rice.  To top off your meal, there was the banana buffet where someone was always cooking bananas in what appeared to be a liquor and they served them over fresh crepes.  When you cook bananas, the natural sugar caramelizes so this was a very popular dessert to finish off your meal. At first sight, we were amazed at the selection of foods, only to discover that the menu rarely changed all week.  To offset that routine, we chose to eat our lunch at the Open Grill cafe just beside the pool.  By the end of the week, we were really ready for some good ole home cookin'.  Take note: if traveling to Cuba - be sure to be without snacks for the week or make sure you take your own because a can of Pringles at the resort was $5.50!!

Now - by no means did we starve, but some of the food on the buffet ... well... we were just unsure if we event wanted to sample it.  Some we did, some we didn't.  I don't even recall the name of most of these foods.
This didn't appeal to any of us. 
Too mushy looking and simply unrecognizable.
Another UFO -
If I were to hazard a guess, I would say fish and tomatoes.
Or...perhaps whatever that red plant is on display behind it.
This was fish smothered in a white sauce.
I have no idea what the sauce was, but it was probably mayonnaise based as most everything was.

If you like ham, mayonnaise and peas, you are in for a real treat!!
These next two pictures became the joke of the week for us. When we first saw it, we did a double take of 'WTF is that?'.   It was called Compost Salad.  It was made of layers of spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, peas & carrots and it was held together by a clear gelatin. Served Cold!  Each day we went to the buffet we made sure to see if the salad was still there.  If it's not eaten, then would they make it the next day?  You would think not, but each day it was there.  Sometimes in a bit of a different form.  We were never sure if it was fresh or put out again.  By day five I said,  "Ok, I've got to try this Compost Salad - apparently people are putting it on their plates"   So I did and yes, it was awful. 

Compost Salad. 
They got the name right on this one!

A fresher looking version of Compost Salad.
This time in a jello ring form.
If this is a delicacy, I'm ok eating regular food.
So needless to say: we ate the majority of our meals from the fresh meat grill.  Not all of the food looked like this, but I just had to throw in a few samples of what we turned our noses up at the most.  Each morning at breakfast, there was always a line up for the fresh fruit juice which made right there in front of you.  Now I have to say, in terms of presentation, the following pictures show some creative talent.

This little cream puff is supposed to be a swan,
but to me it looks like the Loch Ness Monster.
Love the bread dolphin.
Can't miss the beak on this bird.
Not sure what the food is, I was too busy looking at the bird.
OK, now the turtle... why he's just cute as heck.
I'm sure this took a bit of time to create.

This brightly coloured snake caught the eye of many.
awwwww.  Love Birds.
Roses...for that added touch to the ham.
Cool as a cucumber!!
That's it for the UFOs.  I wonder what I should post next....


Lisa said...

Wow I do not think I would have eaten any of that!!! Hmmm a vacation where I could lose weight not a bad idea. I did not know an American could vacation in Cuba. It looks beautiful, and warm but was it safe?

Bonnie said...

I am Canadian. It was absolutely safe where we were.

And gorgeous. I recommend it. I guess I should really post the resort we were at… - that would probably be a great help.

Thanks so much for commenting.

Holly said...

Compound salad mom... not compost!

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