Saturday, June 2, 2012

Spring & Summer

 With each new season I like to change up what I put on my front door, but sometimes I find it hard to find something other than the traditional wreath.

 At the beginning of this year, I got the brain wave to stitch something different for each season to display on the front door.  Years ago I had made a small Halloween hanging for that spot and have always really liked how it looked.  So back in March, I dug through my stash of freebies to look for a Springtime stitch.

I decided on a pattern called "Robin on an Egg" by Little House Needleworks. I found that the recommended colours for the robin itself didn't really represent how the robins look in our area, so I changed things up a bit.  I used one strand of Primitive Black silk combined with one strand of Soot (GAST) for it's body, and Burnt Orange (GAST) for it's belly.  I changed the border to a green called Scuppernog (Weeks) and I'm really happy how it turned out!

The following month, I was wanting to do a "quick fix" stitch, and went through my patterns again, this time looking for something Summer-y.  I found a pretty butterfly...not sure who the designer is though, since there wasn't any info on the pattern.  I didn't have the perfect colour on hand for it, so off to the Thread & Eye I went (and Bonnie came along too!).  So many choices!  I finally decided on Delphinium by Gloriana.  

As I started to stitch, I noticed that the sides of the butterfly weren't symmetrical, so I had to do quite a bit of re-charting (and frogging!!) to get it just right.  In the end, it wasn't as quick of a stitch as I had originally thought, but I am happy with how it turned out too.

Now, I do have all of the fabric I need to make these into wall/door hangings... I just have to get busy and get it done!  The robin will just have to wait to go on display for next spring, but if I want the butterfly up for the summer, I will have to get the sewing machine out really soon!!

Have a happy weekend everyone!!



Anonymous said...


Your finishes are beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing the butterfly finished off.

I like the colour changes in the robin!

Laura said...

So cool!!!! Will you promise to show us the finished product hanging on your door! I would love to do something like this but can't envision it!

Catherine said...

Very cute!

Grit said...

Wunderschöne Motive. Die Stickerei sieht bezaubernd aus.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Rita said...

Cute finishes! I look forward to seeing them "finished".

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