Sunday, June 10, 2012

Today's Find

Today on my way home from the flea market, I stopped at a local fruit & vegetable stand to pick up some fresh produce for dinner.  Besides local produce they also carry annuals, perennials and gift items and while I was perusing the gift section my eye was immediately drawn to a most unique wind chime and I just had to have it.  I have a fascination for antique glass door knobs and skeleton keys.  They remind me of my grandparents home and how I used to lock and unlock - lock and unlock - lock and unlock their cupboards and cabinets. There was no way I could go home without this treasure. 
I just know this wind chime will always
chime in the right 'key'.
While I was outside taking the photo of my new trinket, I decided I better check  the gardens and see how everything fared in today's heat. 
The birds seem to be doing just fine.
Love the colour of the geraniums I got his year.
The stars and dragon fly didn't seem to mind the heat.
Petunia's seem to love the heat.
Tracey was walking by one night and said this plant just 'pops' out
at you as you are coming up the street.
He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not.
More Poppin' Petunia's.
ohhhhhhhhh... these ones didn't do so well today
But the snail is ok.
So far so good... the chicken poop fertilizer is keeping the
squirrels away from my impatiens.
Here comes' neighbour kitty' 

She knows I'm upset with her today,
but me thinks her eyes need to be a little more sorrowful than that.

Neighbour Kitty is a most affectionate cat.  Each morning that I go out the door for work, she is sound asleep and contentedly curled up on my lawn furniture and she jumps right down to greet me.  Only yesterday, she wasn't on the porch - I saw she was on the lawn and she was giving me the evil eye.  It was then that I discovered she was terrorizing a chipmunk and she had injured it.  It was trying desperately to get away from the cat and it had one injured leg, so he could only use three legs to run.  It would only get so far and she would capture it again.   I went to rescue the chipmunk ... and well... let's just say, I hope the neighbours weren't watching.  Did you know that in injured three legged chipmunk can run faster than a two legged Bonnie?

I've been trying all week to get a picture of the beautiful oriole that has recently joined our neighbourhood, but without any luck.  Tonight there were 3 cardinals, the oriole and a couple of robins flitting around, in and about the trees, but they were making it very difficult to get a good shot.   I'm surprised this photo turned out as clear as it did because this robin was right at the very top of the neigbour's tree and my camera was zoomed in as far as it could go.  I'm hoping to capture a good one of the oriole one of these days soon  - his colours are so vibrant and it would make a gorgeous shot.  Til then....

Well the weather certainly didn't allow for us to sing
"Robin In The Rain" today...
Who remembers THAT song????


Tracey said...

Wow!!... you're gardens are looking great!!... will have to have a closer look Wed. night. Love your new wind chimes too :-)

So happy to hear the oriole is hanging around, and hope you get a chance at a pic soon.

P.S. Yes... I sing Robin in the Rain to the kids I babysit all the time!

Anonymous said...

Your garden is so lovely!
The windchime is great!

Rita said...

I love those windchimes!

What beautiful gardens you have!

Trina said...

Love the wind chimes! Everything looks great!

Happy stitching!

Tammy Bergeron said...

thanks for the needle minder I love it!!!!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Hey,,, I have a question.... When the heck do you have time to garden? Thanks for sharing a bit of the Forest with us. Cheers.
Be always in stitches.

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