Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tag You're IT !!

Dear Jayne, you tagged us to do this new game racing around bloggville,  The rules are -- answer the questions another blogger asks and then tag eleven more bloggers asking your own eleven questions.

Your eleven questions and Our eleven answers;
  1. How do you feel about blended threads as in Teresa Wentzler's projects?
    Bonnie: Sorry Teresa W, I have never used your blended threads.
    Tracey: Love the effect they give… hate doing the actual blending part.
  2. Do you launder your project before framing?
    Tracey: Only if I haven’t used hand-dyed thread.
    Jody:  In the early days, I just threw mine in the washing machine. 
    Bonnie: Always, but unlike Jody – I don’t toss mine right in the washing machine!
    Anita: Yes.
  1.  How do you feel about the lack of colour fast in all the flosses now?
    Bonnie: It scares me.  I spent hours and hours on a project only to have it run and now it is ruined.  I still have it crumpled up in a box somewhere; I can’t seem to toss it out.  Please don’t call the producers at Hoarders.
    Tracey: Haven’t really thought much about it… I guess it’s only really a major concern if the piece I’m stitching gets dirty or stained while working on it.

  2. When you begin a project with a black and white chart how do you choose which symbol to begin with?
    Tracey: The one that jumps out at me as being the most prominent in the pattern.
    Bonnie:  I generally choose the symbol that is represented most in the 10x10 block.

  3. Do you do your own framing?
    Bonnie: Whenever possible, Yes.
    Tracey: Sometimes, yes – usually on smaller pieces.

  4. Do you choose your own mats and moldings or let someone else tell you what you would like?
    Tracey: I usually have something in mind before I start making the actual decision.  At this point  I do like to have a second opinion.
    Bonnie:  Both – depending on the project.  I often opt to include the other 3 from Forest because they all have impeccable taste and together we rock.  If it’s a particularly special project, I like to consult with Neale from The Thread and Eye.

  5. Pins or Lace
    Tracey: Pins if I’m doing it by myself; lace if Neale is going to do it for me.
    Bonnie: Pins.

  6. Do you have any wall space for a new project?
    Tracey: Yes
    Bonnie: Yes

  7. Have you ever gifted a finished piece right off your wall because someone really liked it?
    Bonnie:  Hell no
    Tracey: Ditto to what Bonnie said.

  8. Would you stitch it again for yourself?
    Bonnie: If I loved it; Yes.  If I liked it: Maybe.  If I didn’t care for it: Hell no.
    Tracey: Will have to wait and see if and when it actually happens.

  9. Do you have a group of friends whom share the love of stitching with you on a regular basis?
    Bonnie: Yes, we are known as “The Four from Forest” and 19 years ago, we committed to meeting once a month.  Not only do we alternate hosting the evening, but we also love to use each other as Guinea Pigs for new recipes. 
    Tracey: Ditto
  10.  Jody: Ditto
    Anita: I've been with the group for 14 years.

Now to tag our eleven choices and if you have already been tagged, well, sorry but your it.....(Jayne says so) :
Now for our questions & answers and a place for yours to pass on to whomever you tag:
        1.    What is the strangest thing you’ve ever confessed to eating for breakfast?
Bonnie:  Two fruit servings – Orange juice and Peach Schnapps.
Tracey: Shreddies along with Homemade Skor Bars.
Anita: Original Mini Wheats along with Reeces Peanut Butter Cups.
Jody: Cold, left over asparagus.
What’s your answer?

2.    When shopping, what aisle do you gravitate to first?
Bonnie:  Home Décor unless distracted by Bling.
Tracey: Books and magazines.
What’s your answer?

3.    What is the most recent book you’ve read?
Tracey: 50 Shades of Grey.
Anita:  50 Shades of Grey.
Jody:   50 Shades of Grey.
Bonnie:  30 Shades of Grey – I’m not done yet.
What’s your answer?

4.    Who is your favourite movie star dream guy/gal?
Tracey: Johnny Depp.
Anita: Richard Gere.
Jody: Robert Downey Jr.
Bonnie: Colin Firth, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Mike Delfino from Desperate Housewives, Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs; Bonnie is greedy!!
What’s your answer?

5.    Do you file your patterns by Designer, Alphabetically or by Category?
Bonnie:  Who files??
Tracey:  Mainly by category, unless it’s a series.
Anita:  Ditto to Tracey.  
Jody:  Ditto to Anita.
What’s your answer?

6.    Do you stick to the pattern when stitching or change it up?
Bonnie:  I tend to change it up.
Tracey: hmmmmm 9 times out of 10, I”ll stick to the pattern.
What’s your answer?

7.    Would you ever want to try your hand at designing?
Bonnie: Why yes of course.
Tracey: Perhaps…
What’s your answer?

8.    Do you tend to stitch more or less in the summer months?
Bonnie:  Less.  I spend more time in the gardens.
Tracey: Definitely less!  The gardens always seem to be calling my name.
What’s your answer?

9.    Have you ever attended a stitching retreat?
Bonnie: Yes, at Brentwood on the Beach with the Stitching Sisters and soon to be at a cozy cabin in the woods.
Tracey: Ditto
Anita:  Ditto
Jody: Ditto
What’s your answer?

10.  If money wasn’t an issue and you had the opportunity to choose from one or the other, would you totally renovate your home and stay, or move.
Bonnie:  I would move to a one level home. (with a pool and lazy river)
Tracey: I would pick my house up and move it to the country.  Is that an option?
Bonnie:  No Tracey, that is not an option.
What’s your answer?

11.  Do you track the hours you spend on a stitching project?
Bonnie:  Not always, but I did for a special gift.  I tracked it as 197 hours.
Tracey:  I used to... I just don’t care anymore.  I finish when I finish.
What’s your answer?

There you have it...have fun everyone. We're looking forward to reading your answers!!

Bonnie, Tracey, Jody and Anita

1 comment:

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Wow, Thanks for playing and what a fun way to get to know what makes some other stitchers tick..... so my answers to your ?'s

1. I'm coming to Bonnies for Breaky!!!!
2. Floss then charts
3. what a bunch of I read my charts silly girls
4. I knew there was something special about Anita,,,,
5. lmao,,,, file....what is this you speak of?
6. and another lmao,,, I always change it up...sometimes on purpose sometimes a screwup but hey if I can get it to work it works for me,,,,,lol
7. Bin there done that,
8. any month with 28 or more days is a good month to stitch so each one is equal here.
9. why yes but not in a cozy cabin in the wood???? hmmmm sounds interesting and suspicious at the same time.
10. what does this have to do with the time of day? I like Henley's Landing but maybe some renos would be nice and tear down the house behind us,,, put in a nice big river or lake with a few loons,,, yeah or I could just finish off Northren Tranquility and hang it on our fence.......
11. Do you track the hours you spend on a stitching project? Ha Ha, are you kidding me, then Leroy would know how much time I really sit stitching. plus you can cross 3 full stitches in the time it takes you to look at the clock, pick up the pen and write it not me my friends.

Thanks that was fun.....
Cheers to the retreat in the woods.
As always

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