Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cuba - Part 2

Well I promised you some photos to chase away the winter woes, so.... here goes.  

This first photo was taken on our second day here, this was the only time the beach was open, hence the green flag.  It was only open for a total of 2 hours the entire week we were there because we went when it was just finishing up their rainy season at the end of November.  We didn't know at the time that the waters were going to be so rough the rest of the week or we would have taken advantage of the few hours we had while it was open. Oh well.... 

We were fortunate because it was 27 degrees the entire week, the sun was shining every single day.  To us, it was glorious; to the Cubans, it was cold.  We're in our bathing suits all day long, and some of them were in long sleeve shirts or jackets. They couldn't believe we would even get in the ocean or pools, but for us it was warm!

I love the colour of the water.
The Brentwood ladies should love this
Maybe we should consider an extra 'southern' retreat??
Headin' down to the lounge chairs and getting ready to chill.
What a feeling to be lulled by the waves!!
Holly and I chillin' as we watch a storm rolling in.
One of my favourite things to do is to sit at lake Huron - 10 min from my place - and watch a storm come in.  This was quite fascinating watching it come in over the ocean - I love how half the sky is storm and half is sunshine.

The waves are starting to pick up now.
A quick glance to the left again to check out the sky... and ... oh my - there's a little extra 'scenery' for those of you who are interested.

... an added bonus to the scenery.
Swinging that camera a little more to the right and oh no... more added scenery, - quick - let's swing that camera all the way around to the right now and check out the other side.

"Hey Mr. - you forgot your suspenders !"

OMG - am I really seeing that?  
Quick... move the camera back. 
Move the camera back!!!

I will never feel bad about my bathing suit again!
I will never feel bad about my bathing suit again!
I will never feel bad about my bathing suit again!

The waves are really picking up now. 

It looks like we better get packing up our things!

I love the contrast of the sky against the whitecaps. 
It was morning when these pictures were taken.
We gathered our things and headed back up to the resort.  The storm never did come in land though, so we just hung out by the pool for the rest of the day.  The water was rough the entire time we were there, so finally by mid week I said, "OK - I Have to get in the ocean before I go home. I just have to!!"  So one day we all went in together, but only knee deep as the waves were so forceful and I couldn't believe how much it stirred up the ocean floor.  One step and you could go from knee deep to suddenly up to your waist and one more step and you could be up to your neck.  We all made sure to stay close to the shore and very close to each other.  At one point, I did fall down and I couldn't get up before a wave was about to cash over me.  Crystal and her mom had to help me up quickly,  as the undertow was very strong.  We had a blast though in the short time we did get to venture out into the water.  

You can see how close I am to the shoreline
and yet how how deep it is.

What adventure awaits us next...?

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