Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cuba - Part 4

It's time to lay by the pool.  Our resort had 4 connecting pools and one of them had a swim up bar.  We were a tad spoiled weren't we?  Gotta love an 'all inclusive' vacation.  This pool is the one we frequented the most.  For the better part of the day we had it to ourselves, which was an added bonus.  We were blessed with sunshine every single day!

This was the quieter pool that we liked to lounge by the most,
far enough away from the entertainment area
- yet close enough for us to hear all the music.
I think this had to be the busiest day this pool saw.
Below is one of the  bridges that overlooked the connecting pools, the combination patio and swim up bar, rec area, towel shed and entertainment areas. One unsuspecting young man was spotted under the bridge practicing his boxing thinking that no one could really see him, but we did.  For the remainder of the trip, we referred to him as Rocky.

Rocky's training grounds.

The swim up bar - it's a bit dark to see,
but there are seats all lined up around the bar.
Holly's birthday was in early October and when Niki found out she booked a trip to Cuba, she immediately went out and bought her a 'bubba'. When I saw it I said, "How the heck are you going to fit that in your luggage?" - Turns out, it came in very handy because she used it to transport her sunglasses and fragile items on the way there, and it housed her cigars for the return trip home.  When she found out I was going on the trip too Niki said, "You're  going to want one too mom, because you only get small 5oz cups for your drinks at the bar and that will be gone before you even get to the beach.  This way; you're good for a few hours".  Plus it keeps drinks cold for 12 hours.  So I purchased one, but I got the smaller version since I don't really drink that much. ( now...shhhh... Jayne...)

Ready to relax, drinks are full, timer is set so we know when to turn over.
Now, I'm not one to sit still for long and I really didn't know how I was going to handle this vacation just sitting around all week.  Niki and Shawn said, "You better take lots to read, cause by mid week I can see you going stir crazy".  Surprisingly though, I did not.  I took 5 books with me and didn't even crack open one of them. I'm guessing that was telling me how badly I needed a vacation. Being so far away from home, no phones, no computers, no commitments ... it's amazing how detaching yourself from those things can make you forget about everything else back home

My view as I relax by the pool. 
Others enjoyed the pool as well.

Now, this was a real treat to watch.  This father spent a great deal of time in the pool with this baby and she just loved it.  I can't tell you how many times he just walked around the pool balancing her on his hands and she never once fell.  You could see her little body bobbing back and forth to stay balanced.  She was so cute.

This is one of my favourite photos.
Now the interesting thing about people watching is that you never know what you'll end up seeing.  This unsuspecting couple weren't shy at all about their public display of affection and you could really tell when he stood up.  This was first thing in the morning at the pool and so we referred to them as the Morningwoodies.  For some strange reason though... they suddenly got up and left, but returned a short while after.  hmmmmm I wonder why.....

Zoom lens. More than one meaning
Stay tuned... next posting: UFO's 

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