Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just Had To Share!

You know when you come across an idea that you get so excited about, you just have to share?  Well, this is definitely one of those times!

Even though I wish I could take full credit for this idea, I can't.  In fact I stole copied the idea from one of Denise's posts over at Country Stitcher.  

I don't know about you, but I've been trying for years to find  a neat and tidy way to store my specialty threads like Weeks and GAST other than hanging them on a ring, or keeping them in small ziploc bags.  Denise came up with the perfect solution, and I spent last evening happily organizing my threads - alphabetically, of course.

Thanks to Anita and Bonnie for suggesting to leave a few empty slots here and there... that way each time you get a new colour, there is less shuffling around of threads.

Denise used a 3 ring binder and clear sheets with pockets that were made to hold business cards.  While shopping in Walmart, I did find these pages... but in an aisle over by the photo albums I found these similar  pages used to hold collection cards and they turned out to be the better deal!  

 They were both the same price ($3.97), but in the business card package you got enough pages with slots to hold 50 colours and the ones I ended up buying had enough pages in the package to hold 90 colours.  I also really like that these ones open from the top.

I then took things one step further and printed off the full list of colours for each binder and highlighted the ones that I have.  Now when I'm starting a new pattern and need to take inventory of what colours I need to buy, I can just have a quick glance at the list and I'm good to go! 

Many thanks Denise for sharing this awesome organizing idea with your fellow stitchers!

Now, if only I could find out the perfect place to store the binders...



Sweet Sue said...

Just got my DMC floss storage nicely squared away, this'll likely be my next storage project for those pesky overdyeds on rings. Thx for sharing the alternative card sheets at Walmart:)

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Oh my gosh! I've tried every method under the sun to get mine organized and nothing seemed to work very well. This is perfect and the only thing I love more than stitching is organizing....ok maybe Bon Jovi comes first on my list.

Denise said...

I truely can't take all the credit for this idea, as I got the idea from a lady that attended a weekend retreat with us. But I do like passing on good ideas to other stitchers.
Also I tried the baseball card sheets that open from the top but my floss would stay in them for some reason and kept squeezing out. Then I tried the business card ones and they stay put better for me.
Glad you enjoyed the idea!
Happy Stitching

Tracey said...

Well, we'll have to thank both you and the lady from the retreat for sharing the idea then! :^)

Since I just put mine all together the other night, I haven't really looked at them since to see if all the threads are "staying put". Sounds like maybe the business card slots are a tighter fit?

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