Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shampoo and Blow Dry Please

It's amazing isn't it what a new hair style can do for you?  It can give you a whole new look; one that someone actually has to take a double take to see if it's really you.  

Well that happened today and I just had to share with you... the many faces of Libby that is.  For any of you new followers, Libby is my 'grandpuppy' and you can read other posts about her found along our sidebar of labels.  All my kids are home this weekend to celebrate Paige's 20th birthday and when Libby makes the trip home, she always gets pampered at our local groomers. Today when she arrived home from the 'salon', Niki hollered as she was coming in - "Don't look yet, don't look - let us get all the way in the door!!"  

This was my clue to grab the camera.   When I saw her, I was amazed at the transformation.  Lets start by taking a look at some of the pictures from the past and work our way up to today.  Libby is part Sheltie-part Poodle.  When she was first brought home, she reminded us of a Muppet.  Lots of fur that was really going no where.   With one blue eye and one brown eye, it's fascinating when she looks at you from either the left or the right angle.  If she wants to give you the big ole sad eye puppy dog look, she'll look at you from the left eye.  If she wants to give you a dirty look, she'll look at you from the right - this eye looks more human and it really does have a more dramatic affect.  Funny how she knows that.

Only a few months old and her first trip to Forest. 
She was a good puppy during the two and a half hour drive.

She's my cuddle bug.  I have to frame this picture: I just love it.

See what I mean by that 'human' eye...

So by now, it's summer.... and the 'city' groomer
really took it to heart when they asked for a summer cut.
A few months later... it's all starting to grow back in, but when I first saw her
she immediately reminded me of Sir Didymus off of the movie Labyrinth.

Sir Didymus

So  now... it's about 6 months later and it's growing in nicely.
This photo was taken right after she came back from the new local groomer.

And here she is today with her totally new look.
She's so pretty !!!  You wouldn't even know it was the same dog.

She has more of a Sheltie look about her now
and she just looks more feminine.
So I just had to take Libby for a walk over to Tracey's to show her off. I knew Tracey would love to see her new look, especially since she previously owned a Sheltie.  Her dog Heidi was an inspiration for the type of dog that Shawn wanted to own one day.  As we were chatting about the transformation, Tracey commented, "If someone other than you or your kids was walking by with her I would never have known it was her" 

That's when I decided I would post about her.  I had said to Tracey, "I think I'll post about the many faces of Libby",  Hey that might be a really good post one day - we could take the pictures of ourselves over the years and the many hair styles. That would be a hoot.  I took my cue to leave quickly upon hearing Tracey's gasp. 

Stay tuned... If I can get Tracey to change her mind and if I can get up the nerve...I just might do that...?  

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Kathy Ellen said...

Oh...Libby is just beautiful. How could anyone help but love such an adorable little love bug! No wonder you want to just cuddle her to pieces!

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